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Best Spring Sales for 2020

Getting the best price on your favorite products often boils down to timing. And sometimes that means aligning purchases with the seasons. As a new season begins, items from the previous season go on sale. Plus, retailers often throw seasonal sales, knowing that shoppers are comparing prices on timely items.

With winter about to turn into spring, shoppers have a lot to look forward to. These are the best spring sales to shop — and the smartest things to buy.

If you’re looking for discounts on a range of items, here are the best spring sales to shop:

— Spring “Black Friday.”

— Easter sales.

— Earth Day sales.

— Spring cleaning sales.

— Mother’s Day sales.

— Memorial Day sales.

Read on for more information on each shopping holiday and the best products to buy.

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Spring “Black Friday”

When to shop: March and April

What to buy: Retailers have a time-honored tradition for co-opting the “Black Friday” name throughout the year to get people shopping. However, unlike actual Black Friday sales (which feature deals on everything from clothing to TVs), Spring Black Friday sales are decidedly outdoorsy, featuring deals on grills, lawnmowers, patio furniture, gardening supplies and everything you need to prep your yard for warmer weather.

Easter Sales

When to shop: Easter falls on April 12 this year. So start shopping about two weeks before (late March) to find lead-up sales. Then, right after the holiday, snap up all the discounted candy you can.

What to buy: Easter sales generally feature deals on everything you need to prep for the holiday, including spring clothing, kids’ Easter-wear, all manner of table dressings and spring-themed decor. Retailers that commonly offer Easter sales include department stores (such as Macy’s, Dillard’s and Kohl’s) and home goods retailers (such as Pier 1, Pottery Barn and World Market).

Even if you’re not celebrating Easter, take advantage of Easter sales to update your wardrobe (or your child’s) and stock up on floral-patterned dishes. Then, the day after the holiday, head to big-box stores, warehouse clubs and grocery stores for marked-down candy, Easter baskets, duckling and bunny stuffed animals, and kids’ Easter bonnets.

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Earth Day Sales

When to shop: Look for deals the week of Earth Day, which falls on April 22.

What to buy: Brands and stores that have a sustainability image are most likely to offer Earth Day sales. In years past, Earth Day sales have included discounts on used and refurbished items from Amazon Warehouse, discounts on memberships from Rent the Runway, free gifts with purchase from Origins, and deals on reusable straws and cups from purveyors of those items. Plenty of retailers also give away free reusable tote bags to shoppers on Earth Day — or encourage customers to donate used gently used items in exchange for coupons. Used clothing and thrift stores are also major Earth Day players, offering discounts and coupons.

Earth Day is also a good time to look for deals on energy-efficient appliances. In addition to deals on Energy Star-rated washers and dryers, look for deals on small appliances. SodaStream offered Earth Day discounts last year, for example.

Spring Cleaning Sales

When to shop: Late March through the end of April

What to buy: Knowing that shoppers are in a spring-cleaning frame of mind, retailers will offer sales on vacuums and organizational supplies. Check out Walmart, Target, the Container Store, Bed Bath & Beyond and other home goods stores for the best deals. It’s a great time to snag a deal on high-priced robotic vacuum cleaner.

Home Depot and Lowe’s also usually offer spring-cleaning specials on garage organization and shelves around this time.

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Mother’s Day Sales

When to shop: Mother’s Day falls on May 10 this year. So start looking for sales in late April.

What to buy: Think along the lines of things you’d buy for Mom, and you’ll get plenty of ideas for what to buy during Mother’s Day sales (even if it’s for yourself). Common sale categories include flowers, beauty products, fashion, home goods and phones.

Memorial Day Sales

When to shop: Most sales will run during the long weekend (May 23-25). And plenty will run the entire week before the holiday.

What to buy: Memorial Day weekend is a huge sales event in the retail industry. As such, you’ll find savings on practically everything. Smart categories to shop include fashion, mattresses, bedding, appliances, patio furniture and even summer travel. Plus, because Memorial Day is the gateway to summer, expect plenty of sales on things that are about to go out of season, such as spring clothing.

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