April 11, 2021


Whatever it takes

Facebook quietly launches a Pinterest-like competitor for hobbyists

Late last week, The Information reported that a team of Facebook developers creating experimental new apps, products, and experiences launched a Pinterest competitor called Hobbi, an application designed to help users “capture and organize [their] creative process.”

A few days ago, Facebook’s NPE (New Product Experimentation) team quietly launched a mobile app called Hobbi that looks and sounds suspiciously similar to Pinterest. 

Based on the application’s description on the App Store, there are three main purposes of Hobbi: to document and organize one’s creative process, to review one’s progress made on a particular project or craft over time, and to share one’s accomplishments or growth with friends and family members.

All this can be done by saving and organizing content surrounding themes like cooking and baking, DIY projects, arts and crafts, fitness, or home décor ideas into various albums in a way similar to Pinterest boards.

Like previous apps created by Facebook’s NPE Team, whether Hobbi will be here to stay will be completely reliant on the app’s success; if it doesn’t resonate will with the public, it will simply disappear.

Right now, Hobbi is only available for download on iOS devices in select regions. If it performs well, Android users could look forward to gaining access to the app in the future, otherwise, they’ll have to settle for Pinterest.