January 17, 2021


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Joanna Gaines Shares an Exclusive Look at the Making of Magnolia Home

Photo credit: Magnolia
Photo credit: Magnolia

From House Beautiful

Behind the Magnolia Press coffee shop in Waco, Texas, there’s an exciting new addition to the Silos grounds. After a year and half of construction, a showroom called Magnolia Home just opened its doors. Filled with furniture, wall art, rugs, candles, and a selection of decor on display, Magnolia Home is brimming with home decor inspo. Want to see how the showroom came to life? In the video below, Joanna Gaines gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Magnolia Home.

At the start of the video, Jo shows Chip a huge, empty space at the Silos grounds, and they joke about what they should turn it into. Chip thinks it could be used for “lots of baseball,” specifically an indoor baseball facility for their son Drake. “I was thinking this could be a gymnastics gym,” Jo quips. Of course, they end up turning the space into Magnolia Home.

Photo credit: Magnolia
Photo credit: Magnolia

Then, the video shows a montage of the space’s transformation, starting with Chip and Jo looking at the blueprint. Viewers get to see walls getting knocked down and bricks being laid. As the space starts to come together, workers fill it with furniture, rugs, and home accessories. Outside, two workers paint the black Magnolia Home sign onto the white brick wall.

After construction is completed, the video shows Jo pulling everything together a week before opening. She arranges dried foliage in large vases, unpacks boxes of books, and curates different displays. The last part of the video shows the completed showroom as Jo explains her inspiration for the space: “My hope is that when you come in here—whether you’re looking for pieces for your own home or you’re starting from scratch or you just need ideas— that this be a space that you really use as a tool to create the home that you love.”

Can’t visit Magnolia Home in person? Check out Magnolia’s fall collection here.

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